Nail Polish Addiction

Saturday, May 2, 2009

So. I'm a chronic nail biter. I bite when I'm hungry, happy, annoyed (especially annoyed)...whatever I just bite. So lately everyone and their mom has been talking about polish...So, naturally I jump on the banwagon...Well to my surprise and amazement I haven't once bitten my nails in the past 2 weeks. But i have, however, injested a fair amount of nailpolish! Seriously my nails have never looked better. I give myself a mini manicure every night which involves:

Removing nailpolish (usually with my teeth followed by remover)
Manicuring my cuticles -- Sally Hansen 'Healthy Cuticles Now!'
Polishing -- Basecoat, 2 or more coats of polish, Sec N' Dry Topcoat

My hubby has laughed at the choice of colors that I've picked but he says 'You can paint your nails whatever color you want as long as you stop biting them!' (read that in a nice voice not a Hitler one)
Anyway to my 2 subscribers (thankyou very much by the way..I'm thrilled) And to anyone else that reads this I am on the hunt for the perfect peach shade...Nothing too muddy and nothing too pink. Something cream possibly but I'm open to gold shimmer as well!


i_wander said...

hi. have you tried OPI nail polish? i heard that they also have a wide variety of colors to choose from. and that they are more affordable and last longer too...

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