MAC Skinsheen leg spray

Friday, May 22, 2009

Okay so this product was released last year in June I believe. I just bought it a couple days ago and literally recieved it in the mail today. I seriously don't know how my poor pastey legs survived this winter without this black little bottle of areirosol goodness. I am an olive complexion more on the medium to fair side and I purchased the Medium Dark shade and it was perfect. The consistancy is like a mousse / gel and altho the website says it is best applied with the 179 Body Buffer Brush but I don't know how my legs could look any better. All i used were my hands.
So what you do is you shake it up and spray on your legs and just rub it in like a lotion, it's not a tanner so wherever you spread it is where it's gonna go. The coverage it gives you is amazing, almost like your legs are airbrushed but not at all fake looking. And the cool thing is that it comes off with soap and warm water so you can wash your hands right after and theres no evidence left behind.
I NEVER use self tanner on my legs mainly because I'm afraid it's going to streak. Its the tightest skin on my body therefore it's going to show a lot more if it streaks. I digress....
So after you apply it , it basically dries in about 5 min or sobut you're supposed to wait 10 min to put clothes on. Today I wore a skirt and it was a poppy red so i can't really say if it rubbed off. But after reading a couple reviews on the product I'm confident that it dosen't rub off on clothing.
The decription states that it is supposed to last for about 2 washings. And you just rub it off in the shower with your loofa or exfoliant, and the warm water loosens up the polymers (or something?)
Anyway the cost is a little much especially for the size but saving up for it is worth it !
Thats about it. I'll leave you with one last little gem from John Mayers Tweet:
"Wishing you all a very happy, safe weekend. Let's all take a moment to realize the comforts we've been afforded through hard-fought freedom."


i_wander said...

oh wow! i have been looking for a product like this. but i think they don't sell it here. MAC products on sale here are limited. does it feels like wearing a sheer stockings?

Ana said...

Hi, I stopped by and fell in love with your blog, I'll be back for more :)

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