Lush Lovelyness

Saturday, April 4, 2009

So, unless you've been living under a rock for the past year and a half you've probably heard of 'LUSH'. They are a handmade cosmetics company.

Truth be told when i buy something from there I either LOVE it or HATE it. Theres really no in-between as the products are very intense smelling.

Anyhow, I ordered 2 massage bars that I'd never tried before. One being the Strawberry Feels Forever and the other being the Therapy bar. I have to say the big tacky looking strawberry won my heart over. It smells UN BE LEAVABLE! I can't even describe the smell, it's like childhood innocence mixed with summer, candy, and warm milk. Weird combo yes BUT STILL. Thats what it smells like to me.

The Therapy bar smelled like crap mixed with flowers and rotten oranges. But give it a week and I'll probably end up liking it.

I also recieved Mask of Magnaminty, Honey I washed the Kids, and Quirenine of Nivera soap. All I liked the smell so far but have yet to use it. Anyway I'm not going to really post a review about it since you can just go 'You Tube' it and get a much better description of it.

The Honey I Washed The Kids soap is probably a soap that I would use for myself but I'm going to use it for my kids. I would love them to smell as fresh as the bar does, even if it is but for a fleeting moment, right before they take a nose dive in ketchup.

Monkey Mom's

Friday, April 3, 2009

I was at a “playdate” the other day. I feel like these playdates are more of a hassle than anything….anyway we’re at the park and one of the moms I watched just started LOADING on the sunblock on her kids while she’s doing this shes saying “I’m sooo crazy when it comes to my kids and the sun” so the other mom watches her and about 7 min later starts lathering on the sunblock and pretty much repeats what the other mom says…It was 7:45 in the morning.
Why do we as moms do this? We fall into this weird habit of following what other moms do. Is it out of acceptance? Sometimes someone will mention an achievement that their child did or something that they make sure they do for their kids and then you think “well my kids been doing that since he was ___” or “I’ve been doing that since he was___” I feel like i’m in a big kids pool doggy paddling to keep up with the others and show them that I can do the same and you’re not any better than i am.
Humility is a trait that I struggle with and have noticed its a trait that more mom’s need. Is it THAT important that you tell us your kid knows how to draw a circle? Or that you compulsivly do flashcards with your 4 month old? Can’t we talk about current events, recipes, or even the weather without mentioning an achievement your child has made?

Maybe i need new friends.

Brazilian Wax

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My husband's birthday is coming up so I decided to surprise him with a little treat. So I had the ever popular Brazilian wax. I must say it wasn't too bad. I walked into a really quiet area of the spa, fit with aroma therapy candles, soft music, and dim lighting. The lady told me to undress from the waist down and make myself comfortable. When she came back she had another woman with her. UGH. I was sort of okay with that as I figured I should just leave all modesty at the door. Anyway I guess the girl was in training. Let me tell you I had a full education on how to perform a wax. Hair growth, wax placement, working in a 'U' formation. Just so you know, the most sensitive area (and when i say sensitive i mean the area that makes your eyes pop out of your head when the strip is pulled) is the top, you know the flat part where your pubic bone is. Luckly it only takes one strip to do this area so it's quickly done and over with. The other parts were really not that bad. Mind you I took 3 Tylonol about an hour and a half before I went. All in all it was a good experience. That was AT the spa. Later on that day after I got home and went to the bathroom I felt a lot of sensitivity in the area where the elastic of your panty is closest to your inner thigh. So I decided to just wear loose skirt and let soothe. It still seemed painful so I went and got a product by Sally Hansen called, Zero Irritation Medicated Creme. The product said it was specificly geared towards any procedure that involved hair removal and was safe to use in the bikini area. I whined like my three year old after i put it on. It hurt worse than the wax procedure in itself. The burning lasted about 10 min and after that It honestly felt much less tender than before. Anyway to conclude. I would definately get this done again but would maybe wear a loose skirt and ditch the undies for a day.