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Friday, April 3, 2009

I was at a “playdate” the other day. I feel like these playdates are more of a hassle than anything….anyway we’re at the park and one of the moms I watched just started LOADING on the sunblock on her kids while she’s doing this shes saying “I’m sooo crazy when it comes to my kids and the sun” so the other mom watches her and about 7 min later starts lathering on the sunblock and pretty much repeats what the other mom says…It was 7:45 in the morning.
Why do we as moms do this? We fall into this weird habit of following what other moms do. Is it out of acceptance? Sometimes someone will mention an achievement that their child did or something that they make sure they do for their kids and then you think “well my kids been doing that since he was ___” or “I’ve been doing that since he was___” I feel like i’m in a big kids pool doggy paddling to keep up with the others and show them that I can do the same and you’re not any better than i am.
Humility is a trait that I struggle with and have noticed its a trait that more mom’s need. Is it THAT important that you tell us your kid knows how to draw a circle? Or that you compulsivly do flashcards with your 4 month old? Can’t we talk about current events, recipes, or even the weather without mentioning an achievement your child has made?

Maybe i need new friends.


i_wander said...

this is a great post! it's like listening to my own words... i often wonder if there is always a hidden competition between moms and that they keep bragging about what they've accomplished for their kids and what their kids have done when they were barely a month old. i mean, being a mom is undeniably exciting. but that does not include bragging. (pardon me if i sound so judgmental.)
and yes. i think you need some new friends. (^_^)

Posh Mommi said...

I totally agree with you! I find it as another form of narcissism when moms do that. And I have layed off those girls for a while...I've gotten with other moms that dont mind if their kids have a tan haha.

i_wander said...

hahaha... funny! i don't mind my kids getting a tan(or darker skin tone). what worries me is that they are getting too much sun exposure and might get sick from it. and besides, since i am an asian, all my kids are almost tan or olive skinned... anyway, thanks for answering back. keep it up! ^_^

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